May 8, 2012

How To Create Undeletable Folder

Many peoples want to keep their data in a PC for a long time. But some times it happens that the specific file or folder is deleted unnecessarily by the other user of PC.

So here I have a solution to make a undeletable folder. In which you can save your data. And no other user can delete that folder. Just follow the simple steps listed below :


Step 1 : Open run(windows+R) & type cmd.

Step 2 : Command prompt will be open. Just go to desired drive or directory where you want to create that          
             undeletable folder.

              Just Like I want to create that folder in D: drive
Step 3 : Just type md\lpt1\\

That's It. Now you have created the undeletable folder. Move your all important data in it and be tension-free.

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great trick.. :) thnx..

what if i want some other foldername instead of 'lpt1' ??
and as i hv already created lpt1 folder but i dnt want that folder (perhaps that folder name).. is there any way i can get rid of it??

please rply..

First of you are welcome :)

see you can use 'lpt2', 'lpt3' name for your folder because windows dont allow us to create such name folder
because such name folders are system folder so you cant create it directly thats why we create it using command prompt.

And if you want to delete that folder use command rd\lpt1\\ in step 3.

It's not able to delete that undeletable folder..... can U suggest me how to delete it.......

Hi Mohan, If you want to delete it you can use software name unlocker


if you want to delete it directly firstly remove all data available in folder then follow same step 1 & 2 listed above in article and in step 3 use command: rd\lpt1\\

to delete it use rd in place of md

how do you make it so people cant open it without a code?

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