June 28, 2012

Find Who Unfriends You & Who Decline Your Friend Request On Facebook


As I have already told you How To Replace or Hide Your Facebook.com Email address. But now I am going to tell you a trick for which many facebook users waiting for. This trick is 100% working in all browsers as I have tested it in Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

How this trick works :

This is a realtime script which allows you to know which of your friends has removed you from facebook friends. A local database keeps records of your friend list & compared at each refresh. Unfriends option let you know the person's that are previously your friend's but now either they had removed you from their friend list or has been deactivated their account. It also tells you the peoples that had  decline your friend request.

This script is compatible with : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Steps :

Step 1 : Download Unfriend Finder Script as per your browser.

Step 2 : If you use Google Chrome then the plugin will automatically installed in your
              browser after downloading it.
             Just click on Add button when following dialog box occurs.

           But if you use Mozilla firefox you have to install Greasemonkey addon first. 
           And After that install Unfriend Finder.

That's it. 
Now you can see the Unfriends tab near Home menu.
Now you can see who unfriends you and who decline your friend request.


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