March 28, 2012

How to convert non-bootable xp into bootable xp using nero 9

Lots of times, it happens that you download a Windows XP iso file, burn it on a CD and then get a non–bootable CD. How frustrating!

You can install it directly from your DVD-drive (from My Computer) but what if your OS gets corrupt? At that point of time, you’ll require a bootable CD.

Now here are the steps to create a bootable CD from a non-bootable Windows XP iso:

1. First insert a blank CD and mount your Windows XP iso image using Magic disc or some  mounting software.
2. For creating a bootable CD you’ll require boot file known as boot.ima . Download it from
3. Open Nero Burning Rom 8 or 9 and select CD-ROM(boot) on the left side.
4. Click on Boot tab, browse to the boot image file boot.ima, then select Enable Expert Settings.
5. Now Change Kind of Emulation to No Emulation and Number of load sectors to 4.

6. Now click on ISO tab. Select Mode 1 in data mode, select ISO 9660+Juliet from File System, Max of 31 Chars from file name length and ISO 9660 from character set.Also check all in relax restrictions

7 Click on the label tab and give any name for your cd.
8. Now click on new at the bottom, browse the Windows XP image and select all contents of image on the right panel.

9. Now copy and paste the selected items into left panel space.
10. Click on burn.


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