April 15, 2012

Download Full Version of InPaint With Activation Key

Photoshop and Irfan View are most popular software for photo editing but the user interface of these are a bit difficult to understand for the normal user. InPaint is the best alternative of Photoshop. This is photo restoration software that removes unwanted objects like logos, watermark, people etc. InPaint fills the selected area with the surroundings image data wisely.

InPaint costs around $19.99 but you can grab licence copy this software for free under the limited time (promo) period. This software runs on both Windows and Mac machine.


Features of InPaint

  • Repair old photos
  • Remove watermarks
  • Erasing Power Lines
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Digital Facial retouching
  • Remove date stamps
  • Erase wrinkles and skin blemishes
  • Easy to get use & started
  • Completely non-technical

Download InPaint Full Version With Activation Key

  • First of all Download Inpaint from here and install it.
  • Now go to promotional page by Clicking Here
  • This page is in German so follow the steps carefully, Vorname is First Name, Nachname is Last Name, E-mail Address, Sprache is Language.

  • After filling all information click on Absenden (Sent) button.
  • Now open Email Address that you mention in above step, and confirm it by clicking on the link.


  • Once confirmed, you will get your Activation Key, copy it.

  • Now Run the InPaint and choose help from the toolbar.
  • Select Enter the Serial Key and paste the key that you got in earlier step, click OK.


This Promotional Offer is for limited time period so hurry up and download InPaint software with activation key.


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