April 29, 2012

Easily Hide File & Folders On your Hard Disk Drive or USB

This tutorial makes use of a small software called Wise Folder Hider which is freely available.

Download Wise Folder Hider from here.

After you download and install the program, any file or folder that you drop into the application automatically gets hidden from anyone using your computer and the only way to get access to it is either from within this app or by un-hiding it. Moreover, it can hide files on a USB drive with an included option.

When you launch the program, it asks you to create a user account. Enter your desired user id along with a password and click OK to get it done.

To hide your files or folders, you can manually select them by clicking Hide File or Hide Folder you can just drag and drop them into the window.

The application also lets you to individually encrypt a file with a password.

To unhide a file choose the unhide button in the drop-down box beside the file name.

Hiding your files in a USB drive is also quick and easy. After connecting your device, click Hide USB Drive, select your drive, click Okay and boom! You’re done.

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