May 31, 2012

Hide Files & Folders Usind Command Prompt


As I have already told you how to hide data in notepad and how to to make folder invisible. Now I am going to tell you about hiding the file or folder. As you can hide the folder easily and any search engine can't find it. So you can put your personal or confidential data in it without worrying. You don't need any software for it only follow the simple steps listed below.

Steps :

Step 1 : Open Run (windows + r)

Step 2 : Type cmd & hit Enter.

Step 3 : Command Prompt will be open.

Step 4 : Go to the desired path where your folder is available.
              (For this I have created folder named abc & saved it in D: drive)

Step 5 : Type following command

               attrib +s +h (folder/file name)

               (So I will type command attrib +s +h abc)

That's it. Your folder is being hidden.

So how to make file/folder visible

Follow same steps till step 4

Step 5 : type command as : attrib -s -h (folder/file name) 



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