May 27, 2012

Mercury Launches 3G Mobile Router In India


After viewing the successful marketing of Cardlepoint 3G router finally Mercury is going to launch his 3G mobile router which provides WiFi connectivity to as many as six devices simultaneously. The router has been supported by rechargeable lithium - ion battery which lasts for five hours. Very importantly this router is small in size and it can be carry in the pocket also.

Sushmita Das , Country manager, Korbian India, said "All our ranges of products are feature rich, user friendly, stylish and lighter on the pockets. Why should one pay for six dongles when the same internet connectivity can be achieved through a single Mercury 3G router. The battery backup of five hours keep it different from other models in the market."

This router comes under the additional Li-ion battery so that it can work even with devices that do not have a USB port. The router can be easily switch between modem & router modes. In the modem mode the 3G mobile router acts as a dongle turns into a hot-spot and serves as a router providing internet  access to six different devices.

The battery helps it to be independent of the host, and power backup of up to 7.2 Mbps and supports all GSM providers. This router is available in Indian market at Rs. 5,200 and comes with a one year warranty.  


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