May 5, 2012

Samsung reportedly working on Dual Screen Tablet

After Launching series of Galaxy Tab Samsung is now reported to planning to make a dual screen tablet. The report said that Samsung has filed for patent for dual screen design for portable mobile device. From the images it seems that the dual screen featuring tablet will have the similar Galaxy Tab look in clamshell form factor and will feature remote control.

Dual touchscreen loaded notebook was first launched by Toshiba. After that the Acer launched Iconia 6120, a dual touchscreen notebook. Lastly Sony released tablet P that features two 5.5 inch touchscreen to be clamshell tablet.

The latest patent filling by Samsung tells something similar, but there is slight different take. The diagram attached with patentfilling show bigger screens that are used in flatter form factor for clamshell. A removable remote or controllerthat fits in the tablet body is also there.

Presently itis very early to decide that which software platform, i.e Windows 8 or Android  will be used but this is defined that the proper implementation of software, customers would be attracted. At the same time it would be interesting to see that how the dual touchscreen display featuring tablets will perform while considering the past record of this type of devices


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