June 26, 2012

Facebook To Let App Developers To Charge Subscription Fess To Users

Facebook is letting app developers charge subscription fees, in addition to existing one-time payments, for games and other applications on its site.

Facebook Inc. said on its developer blog Tuesday that the subscription feature will be available in July. The changes open up a new revenue stream for developers as well as for Facebook, which takes a 30 percent cut from all payments on its site.

People will still able to make payments on a one-time basis. Facebook is also replacing its own Credits currency with users’ local currency. So U.S. users will pay in dollars and those in Japan will pay in yen.

Payments for virtual items, such as chips on “Zynga Poker,” accounted for 17 percent of Facebook’s revenue in the first quarter.


The games are interactive with all your friends who sign up too or you can play against other users. Some people buy 'poker chips' with their real money to play a fake poker game on facebook!

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