June 27, 2012

New Firefox For Android

Last week, Mozilla has teased us with a tweet that promised “something BIG” as coming this week for Firefox on Android. Some have expected a tablet optimized version of the mobile browser, but that proved to be just speculation.

That big thing coming is actually an update to Mozilla’s Firefox for Android mobile browser. According to the developers, the new Firefox brings a “screaming fast and personalized upgrade to mobile browsing that lets you take your Web experience everywhere you go”. Screaming fast – that’s something that Firefox mobile users will certainly appreciate, as the Android app was plagued by poor performance. Now, the new Firefox for Android should be “super fast”, both at web browsing and UI utilization. Mozilla claims that, according to its own (and new) browsing benchmark tool, Eideticker, the new Firefox is twice as fast as the stock browser.

Besides the much needed optimization, the update to Firefox for Android brings some cool new features, including the so-called Awesome Screen (a play on the Awesome Bar from Firefox for PC). The Awesome Screen is basically a dynamic start page with a Firefox Sync implementation – you will get all your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and form data, all neatly synced and organized. This feature should put Firefox on par with Chrome for Android, which had this type of syncing for a while.

The new Firefox for Android also has a “Firefox for Android has a fresh, streamlined look”. Other notable changes include tab browsing optimization, better add-on support, Flash support, Do Not Track mode, Master Password, and better support for HTML5 and other open web standards.

Latest Version of firefox available here


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