July 7, 2012

How To Create A Movie For Your Facebook Timeline

As all of us uses facebook. We have also noticed the major changes in it so called Timeline. The images, posts  that we posted directly seen from out facebook timeline Today I am going to tell you a trick that will make a facebook timeline movie So why you are waiting for lets make cool featured video especially for your facebook time. Its really easy to do so. Lets get on with it. Now how to make the movie of facebook timeline :

Steps :

Step 1 : Log in with your facebook account.

Step 2 : Go to www.timelinemoviemaker.com

Step 3 : Click on Make Your Movie

Step 4 : A popup window will appear click on Allow.

Step 5 : The movie maker will make movie automatically by receiving pictures from your timeline.

Step 6 : After that you can view the movie and share it on facebook.

Step 7 : The best thing of this app is that you can edit the movie by replacing pictures or changing sound tracks.

How to change pictures :

Scroll down to the window Select the picture you want to replace and select the picture you want to replace with from albums and click on save changes.

You can also change background music by changing the soundtrack.



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