July 22, 2012

How To Identify Fake Facebook Profiles

We use Facebook or other social networking sites daily. Sometimes the peoples use attractive profile picture to attract others. Often we see it and we came to know that those profiles are fake. Today I am going to tell you a trick that will identify fake facebook profiles. If the person uses the profile picture that is available on web and he uses it to only attract peoples then you will easily come to know whether that profile is fake or not. This is Google's technique to identify the fake profiles.

Steps :

Step 1 : Visit the profile you need to identify and download the profile image.
             Or copy the image URL of picture by right click on it and choosing copy image URL

Step 2 : Go to Google Images  

Step 3 : Click on camera icon available on search box..

Step 4 : If you have downloaded image then upload it by clicking on upload an image.
             Or if you have copied the image URL then paste it over there.

Step 5 : Click on Search button.

That's It. If the profile picture is fake then you will find more similar pictures as the result of Google search.
And If its not fake then you will find another images as a result.


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