July 14, 2012

Mobile Apps For Watching The Olympics

NBC is now going to launch two mobile apps to watch Olympic events. You can also look up athlete profiles and access other extra content on iPads, iPhones, and Android phones.

NBC said that most of the content will be available only to pay - TV subscribers who have MSBC and CNBC as part of their services. The Apps are free to download.from here 

The Apps were created byAdobe Systems Inc. Adobe said NBC will receive analysis about how peoople interact with the content and ads on the apps. Users will be able to set reminders for their favorite events, record, pause and watch clips later, and switch between camera views while they watch.

NBC said for the first time that all the Olympic events more than 3500 hours of coverage will be available on smartphones and tablets  computers. In addition to events NBC also streaming events online. 


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