April 20, 2012

10 Best Free Mobile Phone Apps

These days, mobile phones can do just about anything. As they often say, “There’s an app for that!” Thankfully, the majority of the fun, entertaining and useful mobile phone apps are free to download and use. Here is a list of the top ten must-have mobile phone apps

10. Google Googles: This app will allow you to take a picture of any object, submit it to be analyzed by the Google search engines and will then send you a search results page for the object that it thinks you are looking it.

9. RAC Traffic: RAC Traffic uses your cell phone signal to estimate your location and provides you with traffic alerts for your local area.

8. Google Maps Navigation: Turn your smart phone into an incredibly useful GPS. You will enjoy the benefits of turn-by-turn navigation coming through your phone.

7. Astrid Task: If you need help creating, organizing and checking off your To Do List, then this app is for you! Create your list of tasks and organize them according to their urgency.

6. Amazon.com: Amazon recently launched its own official mobile phone app. It features everything you love about Amazon.com, including one-click ordering.

5. Amazon Kindle: Transform your smart phone into an e-reader by downloading this app. You will find a wide variety of book downloads available.

4. Blogger: Download this app and update your blog right from your mobile phone! This useful app also lets you upload images straight from your camera phone.

3. WordPress: This app brings all of the useful features of WordPress to your mobile phone. Update your WordPress blog with ease on this fully-integrated app.

2. Seesmic: If you have a Twitter account, then you must download the Seesmic app. This app offers a user-friendly design as well as a home page widget, which keeps you up to date with all of the latest Tweets in Twitterland.

1. Facebook: This one speaks for itself. Facebook is the communication method of choice these days. Think about how often you hear the words, “Facebook me.” Enough said.


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