April 19, 2012

Transform your Windows XP in to Windows 7 in just few minutes

The Microsoft Release Candidate is already out and free to download. But still if you are one of those XP lovers like me who can’t stop using XP then you can try the Windows 7 kinda look for your XP.

After writing many posts about windows 7 look for XP such as Windows 7 boot screen for XP , Windows 7 welcome screen for XP and Windows 7 theme for XP users today I finally found all in one Windows XP to Windows 7 transformation pack.By using which even a newbie can get the complete Windows 7 look without doing any extra work. It is as simple as installing a new software on your PC

Windows 7 trasformation pack

With Windows 7 remix you can make your XP look like Windows 7 in just few clicks. It supports Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Media Center Edition and some other flavors of XP.


  • Spanish
  • English

Will work with only 32 bit edition of Windows.

Download Windows seven Remix(31 MB)


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