April 6, 2012

The Fast and The Furious Online Game Free Download

The Fast & The Furious is an online browser game based around car tuning and street racing, just like the movie of the same name.

Once registered and signed in, you have to give yourself a street name, choose a car, and then you're off. The Fast & The Furious is essentially a statistics based role playing game, with street racing stuck on top. You race to win points, so you can tune up your car, and beat better opponents.

The focus is on tuning, not racing, as this isn't an action game. Drag races are animated, but you can choose to click past them and just get the result. It's a bit like Need For Speed, but without the driving.

As you win The Fast & The Furious races you increase your skill and so on, but you also increase Police attention. Once that's over 50%, you are likely to be thrown in to jail unless you wait for the heat to cool off. What this means is that you cannot play The Fast & The Furious constantly, clicking through races to increase your XP and stats, as the game forces you to wait. There are premium options that allow you to spend your way out of the waiting game, however.

If you enjoy this type of numbers game, there appears to be a reasonably large community to interact with, but nothing really stands out in The Fast & The Furious to make it extra special. The lack of real action makes it pretty dull, unless you get addicted to the mindless RPG grinding.

The Fast & The Furious is a relatively simple online RPG, based around the exiting sport of street racing, but without any of the adrenaline rushes.

  • Lots of tuning options
  • Big community
  • Free signup


  • No actual references to the franchise
  • No actual driving
  • Repetitive

License        :      Free
Language    :      English
OS               :      Windows 2000/xp/vista/7


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