April 6, 2012

The New Self Driving Car Technology By Google Gets Appraised

Recently, it was revealed that Google has come up with a self driving car technology which will not only help those who cannot drive but also the blind people. The new car has received a lot of appraise at the hands of people and reviewers, who have named it as the best innovative effort in a long time.

Steve Mahan, who is 95 percent blind, also feels the same way about the new car technology. According to Steve, the car is wonderful and said that when he drove using the new technology, it was some of the best driving that he has ever experienced. The new autonomous driving technology has helped Mahan, who is the head of Santa Clara Valley Blind Center amongst many others.

He said that due to the new technology, one can drive the car without the use of hands or feet. The video of Steve driving the car can be found online. “I love it”, said Steve. The self driving car technology project was announced by Google in 2010. The technology uses laser range, video cameras and radar sensors to help drivers navigate the road to make the driving safer, fun and efficient. Along with all these things, the new technology is also obviously very accessible. In December, the search engine giant was also honored by a patent on the new car driving system.

Google announced earlier that it had put the technology to use and tested it for thousands of miles, which enabled the company to feel more confident about the system and allowed Steve Mahan to be put behind the car wheel for some test driving.

In a statement, Google wrote that there is a lot of designing and testing still left to be done but they have now completed more than 200,000 miles of driving using the technology safely. It also said that it had some great experiences and outstanding number of eager supporters. The new technology has received praise from many reviewers and other people, apart from the blind community.


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