May 7, 2012

Hide Data In Mobile Without Any Software

98% of peoples all around world want their cell phones as only for private use. To hide some data in the mobile they generally use heavy loaded softwares.  But now you can hide any files or folders in your phone that too without using any software. Here how it is possible

Note this trick is only working in Java phones of Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola etc

Steps : 

Step 1 : Rename the folder which you want to hide and give it extension as .jad
              If I want to hide my videos folder so I will renamed it with videos.jad

Step 2 : Now create a new folder with same name & in same directory but the extension should be .jar 
              So I created folder as videos.jar

That's it the original folder(videos.jad) will get hidden and only new folder(videos.jar) will be available in the phone which is empty. And I save my personal data from unwanted eyes.

Note To unhide the original folder just remove .jar extension of new folder. So your original folder will be visible along with .jad extension.


In LG-GS190 it's not working......

Hi Mohan, Make sure that you follow all steps properly i have tested this trick in many LG phones it works properly.

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