May 23, 2012

How To Hide Data In Notepad

In my recent tricks I have told you how to give passwords to microsoft word files
Today I am going to tell you how to hide data in Notepad.
Sometimes we want to hide the some private stuff from others. Some people use different passwords for different logins & it is difficult to keep in mind all the passwords. So here I have a trick by using which you can hide data in the notepad. So that you can make any confidential stuff that is hidden from unwanted eyes that too without using any software. It should better to have the NTFS file system for this trick. You  just follow some simple steps & enjoy the trick  

Steps :

Step 1 : Open Run (windows + r)

Step 2 : Type cmd (command prompt will be open).

Step 3 : Go to the drive where you want that notepad file.
              (Just like if you have made that notepad file in D drive just type D: & enter)
              (Here I have made file on desktop so I will use the command cd desktop)

Step 4 : Then type the following command exactly written below 
             notepad xyz.txt:hidden

Step 5 : A alert box will be appear on screen asking for creating new file click on Yes

Step 6 : Now a notepad file will be open, put your all confidential or personal data in it & save it.(ctrl + s).

That's it. Now you have made the notepad file which contains hidden data. You can check it.

But Now how to view the contents of file :

Its simple just follow same steps till step 4. once you rewrite notepad xyz.txt:hidden. Then you are able to see the data containing in that notepad file

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