May 23, 2012

How To Increase Shut Down Speed

In my last tricks menu I have told you that how to access wikipedia offline.
Now I have seen that some people faces the problem while shutdown their PC. Normally their PC takes 1-2 minutes to be properly shut down. So here I have come up with the trick that will increase shut down speed of your computer. This trick is working on the all windows operating system. And It is 100% working trick. So be ready to increase your shutdown down speed approximately 10 secs. What you have to do ?
Nothing just follow simple steps listed below & enjoy the fast shutdown speed.

Steps :

Step 1 : Open Run (windows + r).

Step 2 : Type regedit click OK (registry editor will be open).

Step 3 : Go to : HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop

Step 4 : Then from the right side frame select WaitToKillTimeout.

Step 5 : Right click on WaitToKillTimeout & click on Modify.

Step 6 : A new dialog box will open. Change the value of value data to 1000 & click OK

Step 7 :  Now select HungAppTimeout. Right click & select Modify.

Step 8 : A new dialog box will open. Change the value of value data to 1000 & click OK

That's It. Now check your shutdown speed.

Share your feelings about this trick. & feel free to comment on it.

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very useful points. i was facing similar kind of problem your tips are really helpful. thank you so much for sharing

nice.. have been looking out for it. helpful and informative post. thank you.

but is it safe to do changes in windows registries ? what will happen if anything get wrong?

Nothing will get wrong... i use this in many pc even my friends use this trick and they didn't face any problem after doing this.. :)

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