June 7, 2012

How To See Password Hidden Behind Asterisk

We use Gmail, Facebook etc daily. For that we use our login ID & password. In password field we cant see actual word because it was hidden behind the asterisk (*) character. But have you ever wish to see the real word behind the asterisk

When we use internet banking or any other mail service. If we fail to write appropriate data then they allow us only 3 to 5 attempts to login. And if we failed again then our account will be banned. So if we can see what is real word behind the asterisk then the chances of failure is much less. To overcome from this problem I found a trick in the Book named Javascript With Web. So use this trick to avoid the mistakes while login and to avoid the account being banned.

Just Login with your Login ID & Password & Paste the following code in address bar

Then the small dialog box will appear on screen containing the password.

Note : - This trick is only works on the browsers which supports javascript like Chrome, Opera,
              Old Firefox etc...

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